Luxury Swiss Twin Bed Tent/Rooms In Jaisalmer

Best Desert Tents In Jaisalmer

Quality Customer Service

Comfortable and Well Equipped Rooms

Clean and Tidy Environment

392 Sq.ft

Breakfast Included

High - Tea at Dunes Included

Evening Snack Included

5 Course Meal For Dinner

This rate is on per Tent , Per Night basis for up to Two (2) Guests

Note : Price May Vary According to the season

Room Amenities

In this exploration of room amenities, we delve into the world of hospitality, uncovering the diverse array of offerings that establishments, from quaint bed-and-breakfasts to luxurious resorts, provide to ensure a memorable and comfortable stay.

Air conditioner

Bathroom with shower


Dental kit

Shaving kit


Tea coffee making set

Floor covering