High Tea at Dunes

Indulge in Tranquility: High Tea at Dunes

Let's explore deeper into the magical experience of High Tea at Dunes at Desert Trails, expanding on each element to paint a colourful picture of what guests can anticipate. This curated affair goes beyond the conventional, blending the peaceful beauty of the Khuri Desert with the standard elegance of high tea, promising an unforgettable experience.

❖ Desert Oasis Setting

Imagine stepping into a world where the golden sands meet the blue sky, creating a panorama of serene beauty - this is the setting for our High Tea at Dunes. The Khuri Desert's size serves as a canvas for this elegant affair, where the natural calm and the breathtaking landscape unite to create a sanctuary of peace.

❖ Exquisite Refreshments

The delicacy experience at High Tea at Dunes is nothing short of a premium journey. With a carefully selected array of fine teas and aromatic coffees, each with their distinct origins and stories, the beverage selection invites you on a global journey. These premium delights are not only a feast for the taste buds but also infuse the spirit of the desert – raw, authentic, and charming.

❖ Sunset Serenade

There's a divine moment in the desert as the day gives way to night, and the High Tea at Dunes places you right at the heart of this transformation. The sunset in the Khuri Desert is a spectacle of nature, with the sky painting itself in colors of fire and calm.

❖ Comfortable Seating

Comfort is foremost important in making the High Tea at Dunes a truly relaxing experience. From plush cushions that hug you to traditional setups that ground you in the local culture, every seat is a standpoint to the sprawling dunes and the majestic sky, making the act of sitting down an integral part of the experience.

❖ Peaceful Atmosphere

During the extensive silence of the desert, the High Tea at Dunes emerges as a stronghold of peace. This serene atmosphere is a peace to the soul, allowing you to disconnect from the noise of everyday life and connect with the rhythms of nature. The gentle breeze, and the soft shifting sands, made every moment spent here a step closer to inner peace.

❖ Personalized Service

The essence of our High Tea at Dunes lies in the personalized service that turns a simple tea into an unforgettable experience. Our staff, attentive and reserved, ensures that every preference is catered to, from the choice of tea to the arrangement of seating. This personalized attention to detail reflects our commitment to creating an experience that is as unique as our guests.

❖ Memorable Moments

The High Tea at Dunes is more than just an event, it's a spark for creating timeless memories. Whether it's a special occasion, a serene solitary retreat, or a moment of connection with loved ones, the stunning backdrop of the desert amplifies every experience, turning it into a memorable saga.

The High Tea at Dunes at Desert Trails offers an exceptional blend of natural beauty, flavour excellence, and flawless service, making it an unmatched desert experience.